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Advanced Environmental Options, Inc. (AEO) is a full service environmental company founded by David W. Hitchens in 2001.  We are dedicated to providing quality, professional services that are customized to meet each client's needs and exceed each client's expectations. 

AEO offers a wide variety of Environmental Services and strive to find innovative ways to improve service to our customers and reduce impact on the environment.  An excellent example of this is our recent addition of  a 350,000 gallon Wastewater Treatment facility and stainless steel tanker trailers.  Having the Wastewater Treatment Facility, owned and operated by AEO, and tanker trailers for transportation allows us to reduce costs for our customers, while treating the waste ourselves ensures it is done properly, reducing the impact on the environment.  Future plans for a solidification pit on-site at our headquarters in Spartanburg, SC will offer additional cost and time saving opportunities for our customers' waste management programs.

AEO utilizes strategies for waste reduction, recycling, reuse, destruction and treatment rather than long-term disposal whenever possible.  We are committed to our customers, our industry and the futures of our families and yours.

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